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Big Day! Our 10th Anniversary!!!

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10th Anniversary

Today is a big day for this little old blog. On this day exactly, ten years ago, I began blogging about editing for a small press over on Blogger. Over time, that blog has moved locations, changed looks and merged with my parenting blog, but you can still find every Buried in the Slush Pile post and page I’ve ever written here on this site. Click on the Buried in the Slush Pile link on the homepage or in the menu, and it’ll bring up the archive for every editing/writing post I’ve ever done. Ten years worth.

Ten years.

Granted, the number of posts has varied by year. My output drastically decreased after I had a kid. (Shocker, I know.) But it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that I’ve been editing (and talking about editing) for over 10 years.

In honor of today, I’ve put together a list of my favorite recent posts:

  1. 6 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Novel
  2. Your Children’s Book’s Two Audiences
  3. Where the Money Goes (The updated version)


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