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TLA Is Days Away

Buried in the Slushpile

That’s right. In less than a week, librarians will emerge from their stacks and squint there way out of dusty libraries into the sunlight of San Antonio. And they will swarm together in a noisy, riotous, fun-loving bunch. If you think librarians are quiet, meek, and demure, then you’ve either a) never met one, or b) never seen them gather at one of their annual conferences.

Next week, I’ll be joining loads of other authors as we brave the Texas Library Associations annual conference. I’ll be giving away books (if they sign up for my newsletter!) and signing books and networking my heart out.

Because when you come down to it, librarians are one of your two biggest allies as an author. (The other is booksellers.)

Librarians are experts. They’ve read everything (almost) and so when they recommend something, people listen. They are on the front line of the censorship battlefields, and they are the ones talking up books to school kids one library hour at a time.

Embrace (metaphorically) your local librarians, but also if the opportunity ever presents itself, find your way to large gatherings of them. Apply to speak on panels or do presentations. Ask your publisher to arrange signings. Simply attend as an attendee and network between sessions and on the trade floor.

None of us would be where we are with out librarians. Don’t let these untapped resources pass you by.

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