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Two Heads are Better Than One-
My husband & child

I love my kid.  I love my husband.  I love tickle wars and snuggling in the evening.

But sometimes I feel that if I spend another second in their company, there will be a Regrettable Incident.

Add to the fact that my son is a “special needs” kid, and my parenting experiences, though rewarding, can also be insanely frustrating as well.

This blog is an attempt to discuss the various parenting issues that arise when parenting a special needs or even normal kid.  (After all many of the issues are the same if somewhat magnified.)

It’s a place for all of us to air our frustrations and gain support.  Comments, advice, and support are welcome.  Criticism is not.  After all, people cannot help what they feel, and everyone is entitled to their feelings and (if they are courageous enough) the right on this blog to express them.  Besides it’s how we choose to act when confronted with our feelings that ultimately determine our lives, not the feelings themselves.

For example, after yet another inconclusive (and often inaccurate) evaluation of my son, I may want to curl up in a ball and give up.  These things are often extremely unhelpful (there are exceptions) and hopelessness after one is a common (and valid) response.  However, I don’t give up.  I may have a good cry when my kid’s not around, but then it’s back to the internet to research the latest terms and treatments suggested.

Telling someone not to feel a certain way is both nonsense and counter-productive.  We cannot control how we feel.  We may deny it but the feelings are still there.  Instead offer helpful advice that will either help mitigate the feeling or at least move the parent towards a useful outcome.

And I promise to you to follow this example by sharing my honest feelings through all the ups and downs of parenting.  After all, parenting is a learning experience with a curve that never ends.  I plan to never stop exploring this fascinating and important subject, and I invite you join me in my quest.