By Marissa Meyer

I am possibly one of the last to do so, but I finally got around to reading the 4 main books in the Lunar Chronicles Series. Basically, the books are retellings of Grimm Fairy Tales set in a techno future with the Earth pitted against the humans on the Moon. The books revolved around Cinder and her compatriots as she tries to right an old wrong. To say more would be to fill this review with spoilers.

I certainly understand why these books are so popular. I enjoyed them quite a bit. I’m always a sucker for retold fairy tales, and these did not disappoint. By far, my favorite book was Cinder, but I enjoyed all of the books that I read in the series. However, once I was done with the overall plot line, I did not feel the need to read the short stories or the other associated materials.

I would recommend this book for those who like retold fairy tales, especially those who are thinking of writing one themselves. This was a novel way to approach an old subject matter, and I appreciated that.