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New Year, New Writing Goals – Part 4

Buried in the Slushpile

We may have answered all of questions and set great goals, but the thing is we have to follow through. And that’s the hardest part, even harder than figuring out our goal in the first place. So, we’re going to have to

Stay Motivated.

First we’re going to keep the parts of our goals small to keep from being overwhelmed. The overall goal might be big – like self-publish a book series – but the individual tasks for that can be broken down into chunks that are small. Don’t become overwhelmed because if you have trouble starting, you’ll have even more trouble finishing.

Then if you can, do the hardest thing first so that you get it over with, or do the easiest things first to build up to the harder tasks. I know this is contradictory, but one way works better for some, and the other works better for others. Do what works best for you.

And finally, and most importantly, reward yourself. We all like rewards. When we work we do it for the reward of money. When we volunteer, we are rewarded with positive feelings. So when you reach your goal, or even as you reach milestones towards it, you’ll want to reward yourself. And I don’t mean here that you are going to reward yourself with the satisfaction of a job well-done. I mean something concrete. This doesn’t need to be expensive. It can be a snack, a movie that you stream, even something small. The point is to have some sort of tangible thing that you will enjoy.

So, take a second to pick a reward for yourself. Of course, this can change, but pick something for now.

Now that you’ve got your first goal started, spend some time this coming week thinking more on your other goals for this year. Because in the end, we want goals for this year. We just want to level up our goals and make them even better than last year.

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