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In honor of its release today, I composed a short little Love Letter for Melvin Invents Music. You can also see it on my Goodreads reviews (in a less missive-manner) as well.

Dear Melvin,

It’s not often I get to acquire a book TWICE. Back when I was the editorial director for a small press, I acquired you. Soon before your release date I left the company to focus on my own small press, CBAY Books. Soon after my departure, the other press shut down, stranding you! A few years later, the authors contacted me, and I was able to buy you again!

I love Melvin Invents Music. That’s true of all the books I publish (if I’m not willing to read a book at least 6 times, I don’t publish it), but this book is special. It really speaks to all those people (kids and adults) who have ever been made to feel outcast because they look at the world in a different way. I liked this book when I originally acquired it for the other press, but after my kid was diagnosed with special needs, I really found myself attached to this book.

Melvin, I have enjoyed your story immensely, and I hope others will as well.

Keep making music,