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Enter the Trickle Down Theory of Revision.

Buried in the Slushpile

This is absolutely one of the worst moments of revising. This is where you discover you need to make a change (usually a major change) to your story. You know that you need to make this change. Making this change will make your story stronger and take it to new heights.

But this change is going to trickle down and affect every single bit of your children’s book.

Every. Single. Bit.

Scenes that were working, scenes that were good in and of themselves, will have to be reworked, sometimes from scratch.

It can be one of the most disheartening moments of writing when the Trickle Down Theory strikes.

The thing is, we still have to make that change even though it creates more work. Perhaps especially because it creates more work.

Because that work is going to be worth it in the amazing children’s book it’s going to produce.

So, take a deep breath, go for a walk, complain vigorously to every writer within your circle of friends, and then get back to work.

You have an amazing book there ready to appear on the screen.

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