Book's Birthday Image

Most of the time on this site, I talk about ways to improve your writing, how to submit your manuscript, and other pre-publication topics. Today let’s talk about something exciting that will hopefully be in your near future: your book’s birthday! Or the day your book releases out into the world.

So, now that your book is coming out, it’s time to celebrate. Here are a few places:

Release Party
This probably won’t happen on the exact same day as your book release, but you should plan to have a party as close to the release as possible. I have a couple of release party suggestions here.

Social Media
You aren’t the only person excited about your book’s release. Share the information with your friends and don’t be shy about asking them to share with their friends. You can even use something like Thunderclap to organize all the tweets and posts.

Book Tour (Online)
You’ve probably been doing this for a while before the book comes out in an effort to build up some buzz. However, don’t stop just because the book released. Having the book actually available is just the beginning.

Book Tour (Offline)
Unless your publisher spent a lot on your advance and you’re one of the lead titles for that publisher/imprint, you probably aren’t going to get to go on a publisher sponsored book tour. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t put one together at local bookstores and libraries in your area. And if you do have some hotel/travel expenses, ask your publisher about being reimbursed. The worst they can do is say no. However, don’t plan on being reimbursed unless they specifically agree.

Don’t forget to remind everyone to post online reviews places like Goodreads and Amazon. These are a great help for future readers of your books.

No matter how you choose to spend your book’s birthday, have fun! Your book (especially your first book) only comes out once. You’ve spent a great deal of time—years even—on your work. Now is the time to celebrate it’s debut to the world.