By PJ Hoover

After being betrayed by his uncle, Tut has been stuck in the body of a fourteen year old for, well, ever. With his immortal protector Gils and Horus and a bunch of funerary shabitti (who are a lot more useful than they sound), he has been just trying to blend in and live his never-ending life. Unfortunately, his uncle and the worshippers of Set have different ideas. The day Tut became immortal, his evil uncle did too, and after 3000 years, his uncle has been released. And after 3000 years stuck in a tomb, Tut’s uncle has had plenty of time to plot and plan his revenge.

With a thorough grounding in mythology, Tut is a fun read for any age. Of course, perfect for fans on the various Rick Riordan series, this book also appeals to anyone who loves adventures and mysteries. The next book comes out next month (Feb. 2017), and I, for one, cannot wait to read it.

**Disclaimer** I have published some of PJ’s other books (The Emerald Tablet comes to mind), but that didn’t bias my review above. At least I wasn’t biased beyond being predisposed to liking a book by an author I already enjoy, but I’m not sure that’s a bias that can be avoided.