By Jonathon Stroud

This book is the fourth in the Lockwood & Co series that follows a group of teen ghost hunters as they try to rid London and the surrounding countryside from the paranormal problem that’s been hunting the world for just under 100 years. Fast paced and well-plotted this entire series is a must read for anyone who is writing middle grade or YA adventure. (They’re also just good reads!)

What I love about Stroud though is his amazing ability to craft a first sentence/first page/first chapter/first scene. This author knows how to create a compelling hook. Every single one of his books, even this one, the fourth in a series, sucks you in by the very first page. If you do nothing but go to the library and read the first page or two of all of his books, you’ll still get to see a master at work. However, while you are there, you might as well check out the Lockwood & Co books. They are a fun YA (if you like the light horror genre).