Hero CoverHero
By Alethea Kontis

I love fairy tales and and fairy tale reimagining. This book is another great story in that tradition. Saturday Woodcutter is the sister of the famous adventuring Jack and her days of the week named sisters. All of the sisters have stories similar but not quite the same as familiar fairy tales.

Hero is the second book of the series. In this one, Saturday follows in her brother footsteps, literally, into a witch’s lair. There she finds a trapped boy disguised as a girl in need of rescuing. The two work together to liberate themselves from the witch and stop her from ending the world.

I enjoyed reading Hero. The book has lots of great allusions to traditional fairy tales, and it was fun to associate the different characters with different tales. I also enjoyed how traditional tropes were circumvented in this book. Overall, it was a quick, fun read perfect for a raining day.

*I reviewed this book off of a copy I purchased at an event.