By Brittany Cavallaro

A Study in Charlotte updates the Holmes/Watson mythos for modern teens.

Jamie Watson, yes, the descendant of THAT Watson has just started boarding school in Connecticut not far from his estranged father. His interest though isn’t in repairing his family relationship but in meeting and befriending Charlotte Holmes, yes, the descendant of THAT Holmes. The two are off to a rocky start until someone starts murdering their classmates and doing their best to frame it on Charlotte. Unfortunately, not only is Charlotte the obvious suspect, she’s the ONLY suspect. Far from the aid of her brilliant family and her contacts in Scotland Yard, Charlotte with the help of Jamie must figure out who is behind the crimes before someone she actually cares about is hurt.

I’m always curious and yet somewhat skeptical when I pick up another reinterpretation of the Holmes/Watson mythos. Some are better than others. This one falls firmly in the better category. Holmes and Watson stay fairly true to the originals while still being their own unique characters. The mystery is worthy of a Holmes, and not obvious or obviously obscured by Watson. I found the book endearing from the beginning to the end. My biggest complaint is that, at the moment, there is only one in this series.