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So, You’re a Plotter

You're a Plotter!

Congratulations! You voted Plotter!

You are the kind of person that plans your work out in advance. You like things like plot outlines, scenes detailed out on notecards, and a timeline with major events. You may even draw maps or research aspects of your world (even if it’s a contemporary novel) for weeks or months in advance. Sure, your characters may take you places you hadn’t expected your story to go (characters do that), but you can adjust or bring them back on track. That’s what your binder full of notes is for, after all.

Story Slices CoverSince you love worksheets, scene sheets, and the glory of a well-constructed outline, enjoy one of my favorites. This is the abridged spreadsheet-style framework I use for my own story planning. The full worksheets (and full explanations) can be found in my story planning handbook, STORY SLICES.

Download the STORY SLICES Framework from this page here.

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