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So, You’re a Pantser

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You are the kind of person that goes where the story takes you. You might have a basic idea of the world or the concept or the character. You might not have any of these things. You revel in the absolute freedom pure creativity can bring you.

You’re the kind of person that never outlines in advance, so it’s even more important that you outline after your first draft. This is the time to figure out if your story is doing what you wanted it to do. Did your character move along their arc? Did your plot inherently work out or are there some holes?

Story Slices CoverSince you hate wasting time when you could be free writing, here is the abridged spreadsheet-style framework I use for my own story planning, especially in the revising stage. The full worksheets (and full explanations) can be found in my story planning handbook, STORY SLICES.

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