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Personally, I hate it when people won’t publish their rates. It makes me think of the old adage, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.” And that is absolutely not true about editorial services. They are both affordable and a necessary part of the publishing process. However, it’s hard to list a set price because every project is different, and most require specific quotes. What I’ve listed below is a guideline (and what my quotes are based on). The only exception is the 15 Page Manuscript Critique price. That is a set amount comparable to what you would pay at a conference.

2022 Rate Card

15 Page Manuscript Critiques $97/critique
Comprehensive Editing $35-$60/hour depending on complexity and need of project
Book Shepherding $75/hour includes liaising with all illustrators, designers and printers until your book is ready for market
Speaking Engagements (Conferences) Travel Expenses Only + Critiquing Fees paid for by individual critiques
Speaking Engagements (School Visits) $600/day for 3 sessions + Travel Expenses if outside the Dallas, Austin, Bryan/College Station or their surrounding areas

For more information and a more specific quote for you project, please contact me.