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Manuscript Critique Services

Have you ever wanted an editor to critique your manuscript at a conference, only to have all the spots fill up? Have you ever wanted a little feedback on the beginning of your work when there was no conference in sight?

Never fear! The Buried Editor will now do conference-style manuscript critiques at any time of the year!

Just like at a conference I will read the first 15 pages of your manuscript (or up to 3 picture book manuscripts) and provide feedback consisting of:

  • Line critiques
  • Editorial Letter with general & specific feedback
  • Suggestions for Improvements (if applicable)
  • Market Considerations (if applicable)

I read every manuscript a minimum of two times, so this generally takes me 2 weeks from when I recieve the manuscript to when I get it back. If you are interested in having me critique your work contact me to schedule your critique in.

All manuscript critiques are still eligible to submit to CBAY Books.