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Hiring the Buried Editor

From time to time, I’ll take on a freelance project or two. Primarily, I work on short 15 page critiques — exactly the types of critiques you would get at a writing conference — although I am available for longer projects. Just keep in mind that any project that I’ve been paid to work on that is over the 15 page manuscript critique will never be eligible to submit to CBAY Books. Submitting to CBAY Books is always free, and we never take a dime for submissions. I’m also available for speaking at Writing Conferences and other events related to Children’s Books. Click on any of the links below for more information:

  • Children’s Book Editing – primarily designed for people who plan to self-publish or never submit to CBAY Books
  • Manuscript Critiques – 15 page (or 3 picture book manuscripts) Conference style critiques. These do not preclude you from submitting to CBAY Books.
  • Mentoring – This is like a cross between a course on writing with children’s book editing added in.
  • Conferences – get me to speak at your next writing conference
  • Editorial Credits – a list of some of my favorite projects
  • Rates – how much does it all cost?