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Children’s Book Editing Services

I offer comprehensive editorial services for authors who plan to self-publish or never intend to submit a project to CBAY Books.*

This is a comprehensive editorial service where I edit your book until it is ready for the market. Again, these are comprehensive edits, not copy-editing. I am a horrible proof-reader, so what you hire me to look at is the overall content of your book. Things like:

  • Word Choice
  • Character Development
  • Plot Development
  • Theme Development
  • Suitability to Market & Audience
  • Overall & Specific Issues with the Text

All books need to be professionally edited before they are brought to market, including those published by the authors themselves. Contact me if you would be interested in a personal quote for your project.

* I am very strict with this rule. If you ever wish to submit a project proposal or query to CBAY, then have a Conference Style Manuscript Critique. These critiques are only 15 pages and are reasonably priced. They are identical to the same critiques I do at conferences (for the same price), and that everyone in the industry does. I feel that to be paid to edit an entire manuscript and then offer to publish it lives on the border of ethical questionability. CBAY Books is not a vanity press. You do not pay it to publish your books, we pay you traditional royalties. Even though technically you would be hiring me, not CBAY, I am CBAY so I think it’s not a good idea. So, I won’t do it.