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Parenting Is Overrated

Parenting Is Overrated

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Currently, Lately, and Going Forward

My friend Carla wrote a lovely post today inspired by this post. In these posts both women muse a little bit about the current state of their lives. I’ve decided to enter into the conversation by posting my own thoughts about the State of Madeline. Lately: I had... read more

When You Publish for the First Time…

Hi! My name is Susan Bianculli, and this is my first time writing for someone else’s blog. That sounds like the beginning of a first date, doesn’t it? But it’s true; I am a first timer in so many things. I can also say that it’s my first time getting published –... read more

Debuts I Have Known

This week is a very exciting week over at CBAY Books. Tomorrow we launch a brand new series, The Mist Gate Crossings. This is our first YA ebook original, and we have all sorts of exciting things planned for this series — not the least is a 99 cents debut price... read more

Where the Money Goes

There’s this odd misconception out in the world that publishers and authors are rich. We both have money to burn and can afford huge outlandish parties to celebrate our books.

I wish.

Here’s a breakdown of where money goes at a small press.

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Just Submit Already

Today I did that scary thing all authors have to do at some point if they ever plan to publish their work (regardless of whether they go the traditional or indie publishing route). I opened myself up to rejection. In my specific example, I submitted to an agent. Now,... read more

How to Have Your Own Low-Key Retreat

I have just gotten back from a writing retreat. This was a very informal thing where a large group of writing-oriented friends rent a house in the middle of nowhere. We take turns making meals and we spend hours, hours just working in silence. It’s great. It’s one of... read more

Unlooked for Compliment

The other day I got something that a parent of a kid like mine – a kid with a lot of negative labels – doesn’t get all that often. A complete and total stranger told me I have a “good kid.” Let’s set the scene. I got a new phone that did not activate. I did everything... read more

12 Months of Writing

My first goal of the year is to write more. This particular goal doesn’t really need a detailed plan or timeline. I can say it all in one sentence: I’m going to write for at least one hour everyday. Although initially this goal is about little more than putting words... read more