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Parenting Is Overrated

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Writing with Fear

Last weekend I attended a conference for working Moms. As usual, I found writing inspiration in the strangest places. I attended a session by Melinda Garvey of Austin Woman’s Magazine. Now, the session was designed to inspire entrepreneurs to embrace fear so... read more

Getting Out and Mingling

I am not a people person. Don’t all fall over in shock at once. I’m not the kind of person that does well with strangers. Oh, I fake it just fine, but I’m very uncomfortable and spend the entire time trying to remember words. So I can talk. Needless... read more

Writing Resolutions

A fresh year is upon us giving us a chance to approach the new year with a fresh slate. And like everyone else, I’m going to take the opportunity to make some new writing resolutions for a new year. However, this year my, resolutions aren’t going to be... read more

Plot Pitfalls

The other day, I met with my critique partner. Although he had some good things to say, there was one very glaringly epic fail with my draft: I had completely failed to elucidate my plot. Ugh. Normally, this happens because the person in question doesn’t have a... read more