My friend Carla wrote a lovely post today inspired by this post. In these posts both women muse a little bit about the current state of their lives. I’ve decided to enter into the conversation by posting my own thoughts about the State of Madeline.


I had big plans at the beginning of the year. I was going to post regularly, get my newsletter finally going, finish my Story Slices book, redesign the Writing Sprints book, get back to freelancing, get CBAY a new distributor, and generally be a publishing bad-ass. Oh, and get the kid in Kindergarten.

And then I started getting sick again. Worse than anything I had in the past.

It was like a thyroid issue, but it wasn’t my thyroid (according to the bloodwork).

My moods were up and down; my weight bounced around by 15 pounds; somedays I was lucky if I had enough energy to get out of bed. Writing was out. Reading was out. There were times that watching TV was just too hard.

I have lots of photos from school since I spent so much time there.

I have lots of photos from school since I spent so much time there.

The first things to go were the blog posts and the newsletters. Both books got put on hold. I didn’t even attempt to freelance, and I put off finding a distributor. We did get child in Kindergarten, but he needed more support than the school could provide. I ended up going to Kindergarten almost every day too. This would have been more disruptive to my life if I didn’t have the energy to do much more than sit and mediate my kid’s play all day.

The doctor’s were mystified. The anti-depressant didn’t really help. I didn’t respond the way I should to the supplements that were supposed to fix the serotonin problem I theoretically had.

Let’s not mince words. Life sucked.

And then one morning at the country house I went to look for something under the sink in the master bath. And I found mold. Green, yellow, black, and white mold.

Suddenly, everything made sense. You see, my body doesn’t process mold well. Instead of having just an allergic reaction, my brain gets affected by mold. And our bathroom — our brand new two year old bathroom — had a lot of mold.



The mold is in retreat. We’ve killed everything we can find, and we’re still opening walls to find and kill more. The leak causing the water damage has been found and sealed. I spend as much time in town as possible and very little at the country house. My health is steadily improving, and my energy levels reflect this. Since April, I have:

  • Gotten CBAY Books a new distributor. I’m excited to be going with IPG (who I have a little bit of a crush on as a company). Everything will be fully switched over and available through all distribution channels again as of August 1. The fall list has been pushed to the spring to accommodate sales seasons. That puts me far ahead for the season.
  • The new cover!

    The new cover!

    I have redesigned Writing Sprints. I’m doing a final proof of the final section right now. The new version should be available as of August 15. I love the new cover.

  • I have been writing. This is huge. Admittedly, I’m just playing with my superhero YA and not any of my actual projects, but I’ve been getting back into the rhythm of 1000 words a day.
  • And today, I’m posting on my blog. I wasn’t sure I would manage that again in 2015.


Going Forward


My son’s owl is visiting NYC with me and sending home notes.

I’m in New York right this very minute about to attend the national RWA conference. I’m a huge fan of this group even though Romance is not my genre. They have some of the best business and marketing session I have ever seen, and I’m going to hit many, many of them over the next three days. Some of the strategies I’ll take home and share with my authors; others are going to be geared more towards me; many of them I’ll share here as well.

Because yes, I’m going to try to start blogging again. For now, it’ll be nothing grand. Twice a month to begin with and hopefully moving to once a week. We’ll have to see from there. But things are looking up:

  • For CBAY: I’ll be attending TLA, ALA, and BEA at the very least next year with IPG. This is a huge chance to get the books in front of eyes that have never seen them before. I’m also increasing the number of titles available to reviewers on NetGalley.
  • For my writing: I have 3 collaborations I’m supposed to be working on. I plan on starting those back up. Also, Story Slices (my little guide on story organization and plotting) is almost finished. I should be able to have it up by the end of the year.
  • For my kid: The small one is thriving at homeschooling. Today he requested that we start the art curriculum. Up until now we’ve been focusing on reading, spelling, and math. My husband and I take turns doing both teaching and taking the leads on certain subjects, so it’s not all up to me. I love it. The child seems to like it too.
  • For life: I’m feeling optimistic again — something I hadn’t felt for awhile.

My kid had to learn a blechy, sappy song for his kindergarten graduation, but I did like one of the lines:

“The future’s looking good to me.”


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