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It’s that time of year again – when the old year ends, and we start anticipating the new one. I, for one, cannot see the back of 2014 fast enough. This has been a hideous year for me health-wise, and that affected everything else in my life from work on down. In fact, you can see on my blog right when my health started to decline. I was going great in January, but then started having problems beginning in February.

But after a year of travelling diagnoses (everything from liver to my oavaries have been accused of causing my wide range of symptoms), my doctors and I seem to have gotten the major symptoms under control. And that means that I can be optimistic that I’ll be able to do more in 2015 than lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. (Which is basically how I spent October and November this year.)

To celebrate my new health and the new year, I’m putting together my wish list of 2015. These aren’t my goals, per se. It’s more a list of dreams.

  1. Write more in general.
    I didn’t get much writing done in any way, shape or form. I want this to change.
  2. Write 3 novels and 5 short stories/chapter books. In one year.
    No, I have not lost my mind. One of my authors Susan Bianculli wrote two novels and two novellas for her Mist Gate series that debuts in 2015. It has seriously inspired me. (Also two of the novels in question are collaborations so I’ll have help.)
  3. Become involved in the Dallas writing community while maintaining my ties to the Austin one.
    I loved the Austin writing community, and it’s the biggest thing I miss after having moved. It’s time to find my Dallas tribe. And do better at staying in contact with the Austin one.
  4. Travel more.
    This is both a personal and professional goal. One of my dreams has always been to go to some of the Christmas markets in Germany. I want that to happen this year. And on a professional level, I want to start speaking more at conferences and on panels at various events.
  5. Win the lottery.
    Well, this IS a wish list.

Like I said, these are just dreams at the moment, but I plan to turn each of these into a goal with a realistic plan for achieving it. In fact, that’s what I’ll be doing here over the next few weeks.

And now it’s your turn. I’ve found that actually writing down what I want helps make it more real. In the comments or on your own blog/page, write down your dreams for 2015. Together, we’ll turn our dreams into achievable goals.


What are your wishes for 2015? Leave a comment with your wishes or the link to your wishes below.

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