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Paperback, Anthology, Fairy Tales

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Ebook, Anthology, Fairy Tales

There are countless villains found in the pages of fairy tales—ogres, giants, even a witch or two—but none seem to capture the imagination like the stepmothers and wolves. Here nine authors tackle these villains. In some, the wolf or stepmother becomes the hero. In others, they retain their original threatening nature. In all the stories, the villains are presented in a new light. Rediscover your favorite villains in these new fairy tales.

Edited by Madeline Smoot

Including Stories by Susan Bianculli, Jeanne Kramer-Smyth, Ameria Lewis, Pamela McNamee, Laura Ring, Judy Rubin, Hope Erica Schultz, Madeline Smoot, and C.H. Spalding

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