I am not a people person.

Don’t all fall over in shock at once.

MomCom Life

I’m not the kind of person that does well with strangers. Oh, I fake it just fine, but I’m very uncomfortable and spend the entire time trying to remember words. So I can talk.

Needless to say, networking is not my strong suit and conferences (where I’m not a speaker) are, in my opinion, a tiny slice of what Hell might look like.

But, life is about growth and challenging yourself, and today I’m going to take on a big challenge. I’m going to a conference for moms. Alone.

There will be no Tricia or Jessica to hide behind and let them do all the talking. This is not going to be about writing children’s books so I can’t just slip into the comfortable jargon of voice and genre and Hero’s Journey plotting. These moms are most likely the parents of neuro-typical children, so no one’s going to be comparing interventions or ATEC scores. These are normal moms of normal kids who have businesses of some kind that they will want to discuss.

It all sounds terrifying.

But, I am determined to do this. After all, the first session at MomCom 2014 is entitled “Embracing Scary,” and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I will talk to strangers and compare parenting horror stories. And by the time this conference ends tomorrow, I suspect there won’t be so many strangers after all.

How are you challenging yourself this weekend? Let me know I’m not alone.


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