Welcome to the inaugural Mother/Son Book Review. As part of our day, Castle and I now read one new book a day and discuss it. The results are going to be periodic book reviews for this and the ABC Nerds site. My child is less than articulate, but even he can still do a six second book review. So, the plan is to show his book review and then he and I talk and work on a more traditional review written by me. This should be interesting.

seuss abcDr. Suess ABC
By Dr. Suess
Board book version (and app version), both owned by us

For a long time, Castle would only look at Oceanhouse Media’s version of this book. He loved the narration, and the way he could control the app. Most importantly, he loved the fact that he could do it by himself. However, now that he can read about 50-65% of the book on his own, he is now willing to read the actual book version with me.

Both of us enjoy the whimsical way the alphabet is presented. The made-up words are “silly” according to Castle, and the overall book makes him “happy.” I have to agree. There’s a great lyrical quality to this book and the words just dance off the tongue when reading it aloud. Dr. Seuss’s books have been classics for over 50 years, and I for one think that the quality of the text is the main reason.

However, this is a picture book, and the illustrations are equally important. Like all of our favorite Seuss books, this one was illustrated by Theodore Geisel (Seuss) himself. They help get across the ideas of his nonsense words, and the have the general whimsy we all associate with a Seuss book. Castle felt they added to the story.

Overall, this is a great addition to any child’s library. It’s also a great part of introducing the alphabet to children. One of our favorite things about the book is the constant repetition of the letters. They don’t appear once on the page but several times in both upper and lower case form. It’s a great book that we both recommend.

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