Fun stuff is happening at CBAY Books this week/month. First, we’re running a contest over there. The winners in both the middle grade and teen categories will receive publishing contracts for their entries. Intrigued? Then head over to the CBAY Books Facebook page and like it to get the details.

Also this week, the second in our Amazing Tales Bedtime eStories releases tomorrow. Called Out of Thin Air, it’s a very imaginative retelling of the Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale.

So, to celebrate the release of this new Tale, we’re going to offer a very special Halloween Treat today. From noon to one this afternoon (CST) we are going to have a free download available of our first Amazing Tale, Boyd Who Cried Wolf. Just go to the same CBAY Books Facebook page link and if you haven’t already liked it, do so to get your free copy.

These Tales are the perfect little stories for snuggling up with just before bed, and on a spooky night like Halloween, they are just the thing for those kids who are a little too scared of witches and ghosts. Be sure to grab this Halloween treat, and have a great candy-filled evening.

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