We had yet another potty “accident” yesterday in the Castle household. (Is it really an accident when said 3 year old goes to potty, poops in front of it, and then tries to use toilet paper to clean it up into the potty, making a huge mess that he then tracks around the house?)

The fundamental problem in our house is that Castle suffers from “by myself” mentality. (I also suffered from this as a child.) He wants to do everything, including potty by himself. Peeing is fine. He’s mastered that. But pooping, that’s another matter.

That being said, he also suffers from “lack of motivation to do what is hard” syndrome, that I too have been known to exhibit. You know, where you want someone else to do something that is hard for you. Or, in the case of pooping, you just always want a diaper.

The result of all this, is that my kid never seems to ask for help when he actually needs it, but pesters us for it when he does not.

Aah. Parenting.

(And yes, I realize that by posting about his pooping, I have created a blog post that will haunt him for decades to come. What’s that future significant other? You would like to see mortifying naked baby pictures of Castle on a bear skin rug? Well, I don’t have any of those, but you would like to read about the time I memorialized his pooping?)

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