Quite the little warrior (with pacifier) at the local Celtic Music Festival.

Castle and I had a fabulous weekend. (Daddy overextended himself during the week & decided to sleep through it instead.) Fabulous weekends are wonderful for obvious reasons — we did fun, exciting things that both of us (mostly) enjoyed. But this weekend was especially fabulous because last week was The Terrible Two (Days) of Meltdowns. Everything precipitated a tantrum, and all tantrums were big, beginning with the monstrous one at OT on Thursday. That one freaked the trained therapists (although I’ve seen worse – not even by Castle) since he’s normally so even-keeled and responsive to redirection. He gets like this every 3 to 6 months. It’s almost like all the frustrations build up until he has one ginormous blow-out to relieve it all.

But this weekend, all was quiet on the home front. Oh, don’t get me wrong. Castle was no angel, and he still loudly protested not getting his way. However, he never lost all control. Instead, he focused on having fun (and getting his way with words instead of screams).

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