Castle and Teacher last June.

I’m currently sitting in my kid’s school gym cataloging the parenting books they have available for the families of students. One of the perks of volunteering at your kid’s school is that sometimes you get to corner his teacher for a moment to talk, and you get to hear the good things your kid has accomplished since June like:

  • Almost being completely potty trained and even more importantly, being willing to potty at school.
  • Much less aggression. He still occasionally hits and pushes, but apparently it’s even a lot less than in June, and he’s easier to redirect. He has not attempted to bully or maliciously take toys from any of the other boys.
  • He’s trying to talk! This is, of course, the biggest one for me.  I suspect the other two are a result of the lowered frustration level. Castle now enjoys attempting to communicate with people he knows and that includes Teacher. He still won’t really try for strangers, but he’ll at least attempt to interact with them, especially in a familiar environment.

It’s all very exciting (for us).


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