We had a nice break and a nice lazy summer.  It was a lot of doing nothing and achieving two major goals.

The preferred way to wear underpants — when you are 3.

  1. Castle now talks! (sort of)
    This is huge! We went gluten free and dairy free (kind of) seven weeks ago, and two weeks ago Castle “turned his voice on.” He has now mastered the words no (actually sounds like no and not some like mo or something else) and yeah, and is working on articulating a whole bunch of others.  I cannot tell you what a huge difference in communication it is now that he will actively answer yes and no questions.  The frustration level (both his and mine) has dramatically dropped.  Even his teacher that he hasn’t seen in 7 weeks noticed a huge improvement in just his willingness to vocalize.
  2. Castle is almost completely potty trained!
    This was actually our third attempt (peeing in the potty when you have trouble motor planning is HARD), but this is the time he finally put all the elements together. Now the only accidents we have at home are in front of the potty when he can’t get his pants down. (He still refuses to ask for help and wants to do it by himself.) School is also fairly accident free, and he is starting to let people know when he has to go.

It’s been an exciting past couple of weeks all around!

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