A Good Nothing
Kind of Activity

Today is the last day of our one month trial at Castle’s new school.  (All right, technically they call it summer camp, but for us it was a month to see if this is where he should go in the fall.) I have to confess that I feel relieved.  I found his schedule grueling.   Four hours of school in the morning, an hour of ST three times a week and his 1 hr tumbling class once a week — it wore me out! I will say Castle was quite the trooper with no behaviors indicating that he found it too much.  I just think adding my part-time job in on top of that has me wiped.

July is going to be a much more laid back month.  We are even going to take the whole first week off.  I know! Insane! No preschool. No speech therapy. Maybe not even tumbling. I may not even make him vocalize that week.  All right, I’ll probably still encourage him to talk. But I’m going to do what fellow blogger Katie Hurley calls The Art of Doing Absolutely Nothing. It should be heaven.

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