I came across this article the other day: Baby-Centered, Parent-Centered or Life-Centered Parenting? You can read it for yourself, but basically the gist is that parenting isn’t an either/or kind of proposition.  You don’t have to exclusively order your life around your kid, nor do you have to force your kid’s life around yours.  Basically, the article recommends that parents find the balance that works for them.

My question: isn’t that just plain common sense? Have we gotten so “holier-than-thou” in our parenting that we need psychologists to remind us that different ways can exist? That we need to find the balance that works in our own lives even as we draw inspiration from other places?  Have we really forgotten this on our own?

Personally, I’ve always found my parenting to exist on a kind of continuum that I move up and down depending on the day.  Back when Castle was an extremely easy-going baby we were more parent-centered with him easily fitting into our schedules and activities.  Since his second birthday though, our life has gotten much more child-centered — sometimes to a point I’m not comfortable with.  After all, life right now often feels like it exclusively revolves around his schooling, speech therapy, and the play therapy we do at home.  I know I would like to find a better balance between his needs and mine, preferably before I go insane.

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