The birthday boy at school.

Part of any birthday is the annual visit to the pediatrician.  The three year old visit wasn’t too bad.  It’s not a visit that involves any shots.  (In fact, I think it was the first well baby with no shots!) However, it does involve a visit to a doctor. And my kid is currently done with doctors.

Increasingly Castle has decided that he is finished with evaluations and doctors and anyone else who has long involved conversations about him in front of him. He’s tired of hearing what he’s not doing well with, where he’s still behind, and Mommy’s and doctor’s opinions of him. I can’t say I blame him.

And since he’s my child, he only focuses on the negative things we discuss, none of the positive.

Of course there are a few bonuses to having him focus on things that are less positive, namely his desire to fix them. For example, I was complaining about his behavior, specifically his current habit of having complete meltdowns when thwarted or his refusal to stop annoying activities.  As he becomes bigger and bigger, temper tantrums that involve aggression (hitting, kicking, etc) are becoming increasingly more dangerous.  Granted those kinds of escalated tantrums are rare (maybe 5-10% of meltdowns), but they are much more stressful.  So, the doctor provided us with a list of psycho-therapist referrals for when my husband and I decide that we need the coaching/his behavior becomes too bad to handle alone.

(I hope, by the way, that you never have to leave your pediatrician’s office with psychiatric referral for your three year old — or kid of any age.  It is an insanely depressing experience.)

It’s been almost a week now since that visit, and Castle’s meltdowns have become much more moderate.  He can’t communicate displeasure through speech, so we still have moments of fussing, but our only real prolonged tantrums are over leaving speech therapy.  And those are to be expected because they happen at naptime when he is just worn-out.  And, as I keep having to remind myself, even normal kids meltdown, especially around naptimes.

If this improved behavior continues, we won’t need those referrals.  I suspect that’s why I suddenly have a much better behaved child.

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