This kid needs to go outside!

This morning, I let my kid run around outside in our backyard butt-naked.  It was a nice enough day, not to hot yet, and I felt that Castle needed to put his iPad down and breathe some fresh air.  (Actually, our house is so poorly insulated — ah, Depression-era construction! — that we breathe plenty of fresh air while inside, but that’s not the point.)  Our backyard is pretty small, so Castle quickly became bored.  So, I pulled out his little wading pool and filled it with water. Then, because it seemed like a waste of a perfectly good swim diaper, I let him run around naked.

My question: when will he be too old for this?

I think that three is still probably fine for him to run around naked in semi-public.  But am I wrong? (I can’t think of any situation in which my non-potty trained kid is going to run around fully naked in public.  He’s got decent general bladder control, but it’s by no means reliable.)

Up until this point, Castle has always been an infant or toddler, and the issue never really came up.  You see naked or half-naked toddlers running around all the time, both boys and girls.  But now, my boy has transitioned into an actual little kid.  At some point he’s going to (probably) develop modesty. Do I wait until he reaches that himself, or at some point do I just say, “No more outside naked time”?

Finally, is it different for boys and girls? I know my 4 year old niece won’t let anyone see her ever, but her brother ran around his grandparents’ lakehouse naked when he was nearly 6.

What do other people think?


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