Handy Dad
By Todd Davis

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There are tons of craft books for kids out there in the world.  They have great rainy day activities, but no matter the book, the activities always seem to be more geared towards a more feminine mindset.  As much as I love my husband, I just don’t see him enjoying things like painting a clay pot or turning an old peanut butter jar into a marker holder.  That just ain’t his thing.

Fortunately, there is now a set of craft books designed just for men like my husband: Handy Dad.  Between the two books in the series, there are over 50 crafts for your husband or man in your kids’ lives to do and play with them.  Some of my favorites are the water pressure rocket (Handy Dad) and the tent shadow puppets (Handy Dad- Great Outdoors). I know Father’s Day has passed (this would have been a great book for that), but this is the best kind of book to give as a “Just Because” kind of gift.

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