Yesterday I got an exciting email from Chuck, the editor of the 2012 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market that I have an article in.  Apparently, if I run a contest here on the blog, then he’ll send the winner a free copy of the book.  Pretty sweet, right?

So, I was trying to think what would make an appropriate contest for a book dedicated to finding your manuscript a home with the right editor or agent. And then I had it.  What could be more perfect than a query letter contest?  However, I just ran a query letter contest last spring.

And then I had an even more brilliant idea.  I would make this the worst query letter ever contest.  To enter this contest, your going to have to come up with most unbelievably awful query letter.  Basically, you should take all the advice I’ve ever given you in the past and do the exact opposite.  Then whichever fake letter is the worst, I’ll critique on the blog so we can all review what should NOT be done.

To enter the contest:

  1. Paste your fake query letter into one of the comments on this post.  That way everyone can enjoy the awfulness.
  2. All entries must be received by 11:59PM CST Friday, Sept. 23
  3. We really want the query itself to be awful; however, the book being pitched shouldn’t be ridiculous.  Don’t pitch offensive or really extreme books that no one would want even if the query was fantastic.
  4. One winner will receive a copy of the 2012 CWIM direct from Writer’s Digest.  Should they choose to substitute prizes (like a copy of the excellent 2012 Guide to Literary Agents instead), I have no control over that.  The winning entry will also be posted so that we all might critique/ridicule its awfulness. 
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