So, last week (or was it the week before? It’s all blurring together) I was all set to blog about this horrifying post I read about where this blogger has been receiving death threats. However, before I could get going, my father-in-law had to have a quadruple bypass and then another surgery to install a pacemaker, and I found myself and my family away from home dealing with that. (He is recovering nicely now, but it was a hairy couple of days.)

Once I got back, I proceeded to work on various projects that I had fallen behind on, like rebuilding  I must say, it was looking pretty marvelous.

I suspect this guy is more effective than me today.

Then this morning, I managed to delete the entire site. Yes, I did, and because I was using WordPress, most of it was web-based and not on my local computer.

I reloaded WordPress, uploaded my custom theme I had made and started over.

Two hours later I somehow managed to overwrite a key file requiring me to uninstall and reinstall WordPress again.  (I still don’t know what I did or how I made the entire site unviewable.)  I uploaded my custom theme again, reinstalled all of the plugins again, and wrote the copy for the site AGAIN.

So, if you’re curious to see the site, and some of the different projects I’ve been working on for the past few months, head on over to

Now I just have to get the other 75% of the new Buried in the Slush Pile site up.  Hopefully, I’ll only half to do it once!

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