As I mentioned earlier, I was not having the greatest day.  I mean you can only redo a site from scratch so many times in one day before it really starts to get miserable.

My little one
working on his
next explosion.

And then while I was working in my at-home office, it started to get kind of stinky.  Since my two year old was in with me at the time, I assumed it meant he needed his diaper changed.  I turned around to get him, only to discover him on the floor naked with his hands in his diaper grinning and squishing and grinding into the floor this new plah-doh like substance he had discovered.  I have never manhandled a child into a shower so fast in my life.  My office now smells like cleaning supplies with a hint of poop.

2012 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's MarketHowever, when the mail came, my husband brought me a book from my buddy over at Writer’s Digest. Chuck had sent me my contributor’s copy of the new CWIM.  There was my article in this new shiny book.

I have to tell you, nothing fixes a day like seeing your name in print.  It works for me every time.

So thank you, Chuch and CWIM and WD for making my day!

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