Do you ever have a flurry of activity only to find yourself completely burnt out afterwards?  You don’t want to do anything so just skate by with the bare minimum?

Well, it’s definitely not something I recommend, but it’s what I’ve been doing this past month. 

At Dallas ComicCon with
my authors.

For me, the bare minimum has been keeping up the BookKids Blog, editing the Book of All Things, and making various promo items.  (Did anyone get any of the Dry Souls trading cards at Dallas ComicCon?)
But now after a fair amount of quality time with family and my iPad Smurfs (yes, I’m addicted), I feel able to think about the art of writing again.

But for today, I’m going to refer you to someone else’s thoughts on writing.  We had been discussing character, and I have found a wonderful article by Malinda Lo on writing about race in speculative fiction. I heard Malinda speak during the Diversity in YA tour, and she mentioned this article she had written.  I looked it up and feel it fits perfectly with our discussion.  So read it, and then let me know what you think about how you would treat this potentially controversial issue.

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