So, it turns out that if you stay in your booth the whole time repeating your pitch over and over again (yes, even I have to know how to pitch books), you generate interest and name recognition for your company, but you don’t produce much interesting material for the blog.   However, here were the highlights of the TLA conference for me:

  • Giving out over 200 copies of Dry Souls to the teens at the conference on Thursday–  If the kids had a yellow shirt, they got a book.  Many of them thought the premise was pretty cool too.  I hope we start seeing reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and the web from them.
  • Having the booth next to Candlewick– I can sum up the greatness of that in one word: Traffic.
  • Having my authors sign– 3 out of 5 my authors were able to make it this year.  Besides being wonderful to see them again, I now have lots of signed stock.
  • Selling 42 Emerald Tablet to Taylor Middle School for their bookclub– They are going to read the book and then come join us in Austin one day to meet PJ.
  • Having the Texas Sweethearts & Scoundrels have an ice cream social at my booth– There was ice cream.  There were authors.  There were librarians.  How could it not be great?

And now, after that very long week, I’m taking the next 3 days off.  But you shouldn’t be doing the same.  My book proposal contest ends on Monday, so this is the last weekend to polish them up and make use of the forum for feedback.  See you back on Tuesday.

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