The other major component of the marketing portion of a book proposal is where you detail out your marketing plans for your book.  This section consists of your:

  • Promotion Plans — Things you can do to get others to spread the word about your book.
    Examples would be things like blog tours, reviews (blog or traditional), small contests.
  • Marketing Plans — Things you can do to directly tell people about your book.
    Examples would be postcards, book marks, your blog or newsletter, book release party, school visits.
  • Promotional/Marketing Opportunities — Things that could be done that you do not personally have the resources or contacts to do yourself.
    Examples would be ARC mail outs, bookstore tours, advertising in major market publications.

This section can be simultaneously the most fun and the most frustrating section to work on. It can be fun because you get to put all of your not inconsiderable amount of creativity to use thinking up ideas to catch readers attention.  It can be frustrating because many of these ideas have already been used, and it helps remind you just how difficult it can be to stand out from the crowd.

When brainstorming for this, dream big.  If your picture book has a blimp in it, put “flyover town by blimp covered in jacket art” on your list.  However, when you actually go to write up your marketing ideas for your proposal, be more realistic.  You and your publisher probably won’t have the funds to hire and deck out a blimp.  But, you might be able to “print jacket art on blimp shaped balloons to giveaway to kids.”  Put that option on your proposal instead.

Now, it’s time to practice identifying your markets and marketing ideas.  Go to the Forum, and post a small (1-2 sentence) description about your book and your potential markets and/or marketing ideas. At this point, we’re still in the brainstorming stage, so put down anything you want.  All of us on the boards will then give feedback on how realistic we think your ideas/markets are.

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