So, I’m happy at the way the new Buried in the Slush Pile Forum is working.  The layout is clear (if unexciting), and it’s easy to find all of the different people who want feedback on their various summaries.  Best of all, the ones I haven’t viewed yet are marked as new, so I don’t miss anyone.  I also can’t argue with the free price tag.  Supposedly there should be ads running around somewhere, but I haven’t seen any.

A few people have started posting their summaries, and the feedback they’ve been getting has been great.  No one has said anything I wouldn’t, and some of my comments have just seemed superfluous.  We’re going to keep working on these through Sunday, so if you haven’t posted anything yet, there’s still plenty of time.  On Monday, though, we’ll be moving on.

But as great as the forum has been for critiquing, I’ve been wondering, what else could we use the forum for?

One idea I had was to have a board on there dedicated to submissions.  We could have a thread on that board that could deal with who/where is accepting submissions and a link to the place’s submission guidelines.  As you run across someone accepting (or no longer accepting) submissions, you could add it to this thread.  We could also have a thread profiling editors and agents so that when you go to figure out where to submit, you would have some names and editorial preferences to see if your work would fit that person’s tastes.  I’m actually working on a (free) manuscript submissions workbook that I’ll be debuting in the next few weeks that has a worksheet like that.

What ideas do you have for the forum?  I am open to any and all suggestions.

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