So, I worked again on Submissions last night, and I now have the following statistics to give you:

Total received: 231
Number left for me to personally read: 76
Number still needing a response: 149
Number I have requested to keep looking at: 3
Number I have requested be resubmitted as another type of project: 2
Number I have requested a rewrite: 1

What all this means for me:
Since the number was not so overwhelming, I decided that I would personally look at all the submissions and not just depend on Intern’s (excellent) judgment.  However, I have a lot going on, and this is slowing me down.  However, my new goal is to try to look at 10 a night.  The number we still need to reject also means that we had to resort to form letters, although since I’m terrible about not giving advice, I’ve marked lots of them with small notes for Intern to include in the letters.  A few of the letters are actually coming from me.

What this means for you:
Do not despair if you have not heard from me or CBAY yet.  It most likely means I haven’t read you.  That’s all.  People whose books that I so far want to hold have been told.  Not hearing from us doesn’t mean we like or dislike your book.  It doesn’t mean anything.  However with nearly 150 left to respond to, we most likely won’t hit my optimistic deadline of March 15, but we will certainly be done by the end of the month.  (And since that’s a full month before the 3 months I originally estimated and still officially cite, I’m quite excited.)

Finally, I have to thank Lisa for emailing me and suggesting I do this.  It was a great idea, and I confess, not one I had on my own.  In fact, if you ever have an idea of something you would like to see on this blog or a question you would like to see answered, do not hesitate to let me know.  You know, if people started asking me questions again, I could bring back “Question of the Week.”  I’m just saying…

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