The nice thing about writer’s block is sometimes just writing about it can help it go away. It’s like the old belief that knowing someone’s name gives you power over that person. By naming my writer’s block, I robbed it of its power, and thus it went away.

In other words, yesterday I powered through and finally managed to write my 300 word intro. I know. Impressive stats. And what’s even better, the intro that yesterday I thought was possibly the worst thing I’d ever written, today reads as not so bad, and a decent base for a rewrite. So, the other moral of this story is to always let your writing sit for a bit before judging it. What was once brilliant may become more flawed and the direst muck may turn out to have some redeeming value. It’s just to hard to tell when you are coming off the high (or low) of initial writing.

And thank everyone for your comments yesterday. I especially liked the “all editors were one step lower than God”. I guess that would make me a literary angel. I like that.

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