Now, normally when people ask me who they should submit their work to, I point out that they need to send their submissions to someone who is going to appreciate it. There is no point in sending a glorious, future award winning, historical fiction love story to an editor that only works on action/adventure manuscripts and has publicly said that love is a waste of time. That person is not going to like your book, no matter how good it is.

And, I for example, am not going to appreciate your wonderful basic to school realistic picture book featuring all the children as animals when I’ve asked for fantasy and science fiction.

“But,” I can hear you saying, “it’s an animal fantasy.”

No, it’s not. Animal Farm, Charlotte’s Web, Redwall, and the Warrior series are animal fantasies. Anthopomorphized animals in picture books are not animal fantasies. They are simply human replacements because some (ok, many) illustrators prefer to draw animals over humans. Toot & Puddle are fantastic, and the Bernstein Bears are classics, and I really wish I could have discovered Chester, but they are not fantasies.

However, don’t despair those of you writing about cats or dogs or elephants. I’m not saying you can’t submit books with animals as the characters. I’m just saying that they better be pirates or spacemen or princesses or werecats for me to consider them.

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