By now you’ve probably already looked at the Submission Guidelines for the picture book call in January. And you’re probably wondering why I only want fantasy and science fiction manuscripts. Well, the answer is pretty simple. At the moment, that’s the niche CBAY has positioned itself in. If you look at our list, all of the books are fantasy or science fiction. So, it makes sense to expand that niche into picture books.

However, when it comes down to it, I really want a good science fiction manuscript. There are very few science fiction picture books, and I would like to exploit that hole in the market. However, it can be very difficult to convey a science fiction world and still have a good story. I’ll be excited to see what people produce.

If you want to see examples of books I wished I had acquired (but only saw after publication), here you go:

Of course, I’m not looking for duplicates of these. I’m just sharing with you some picture books I have liked and enjoyed.

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