Starting Jan. 15, CBAY Books will be open for 2 weeks for unsolicited fantasy and science fiction picture book manuscripts. (Sorry mid-grade and teens. Your time will come.)

That’s right. After over three years of being closed for submissions, we will be open for only two weeks. After that, I don’t know when we’ll be open again. It’ll depend on how long it takes to go through these. Polish up your manuscripts, give your critique group one last shot at them, and run spell check. It’s time to send them out to the world.

And right now, the only place to find the link to the submission guidelines is here. I haven’t put them on the general CBAY site (although you can access the general site from them.) I’m making the announcement here first, and then at the beginning of the new year, I’ll post them to

So, between now and Jan. 15, I’ll be doing lots of posts about submissions, submission formats, my manuscript wishlist, and the like. It’s going to be a writing party!

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