I’m a techno-geek. There’s no arguing that. But I’m bad about buying gadgets that I use for like a week (like that ereader I’ve got around here somewhere) and then never picking it up again.

So, it took me awhile to convince myself to get an iPad. Fortunately, the thing is pretty cool, and if nothing else, I’ll probably use it for quite some time as a car TV for my son for roadtrips. (Although if I have to listen to Elmo’s squeaky voice for another minute in the car, I’m not sure I’ll be rational enough to be held accountable for my actions.)

However, being said techno-geek, one of the first things I had to do was design new wallpaper for my iPad based on various CBAY Books. Since I was working on The Amulet of Amon-Ra website at the time, I made paper for it first. And now, since just this very minute I finished that site, I’m now sharing my techno-geekiness with everyone.

Screenshots of my iPad:

And because you can also hold it horizontally:

Nope, I’m not a geek. Not a geek at all.

Want to show your Amulet pride? You can get the iPad/iPhone background here.

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