When typing a domain name, like say cbaybooks.com, have you ever noticed that some sites have little icons next to the name? These are called FavIcons. They are a very small (16 x 16 pixel) image that you can set to appear in the address bar of most browsers. How do you set it? Well, I haven’t quite figured out how you code it yet. I’m still looking. But I have found a place where you can take your normal logo (in a jpg or gif format) and translate into the special .ico format you need to make this work.

The site is http://www.htmlkit.com/services/favicon/. Here you upload an image, they convert it, and then you download it back to your computer. Pretty simple. Pretty snazzy. I used it to make a little favicon for the Buried in the Slushpile Forum, but if you can figure out how to code it, you can use it on any webpage — including your blog.

Of course with those of you with webmasters, you can have them do it. But for all the rest of us, converting the file on this site is, you guessed it, free.

UPDATE: I found a site, http://www.thesitewizard.com/archive/favicon.shtml, that tells you how to do it. As you may have noticed, I have now added my own little favicon to the address bar of the site.

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