Yesterday was a big day for the Book of Knowledge. It was mentioned in both the PW Religion Line (enewsletter) and the PW Children’s Bookshelf (enewsletter). You can see the PW Children’s Bookshelf one here. Look at that mention in the headlines at the top and that beautiful cover art below.

I’m so excited I could cry. However, I decided a more productive thing to do would be to offer the books for sale. It’s also a way for me to debut the new Blooming Tree store. I had hoped to have all the site links working by the time I did this, but alas, I’ve been sick. So, for now, ignore all the beautiful drop-down java menus at the top. They don’t go anywhere yet. But instead, enjoy the new look and feel of the Blooming Tree store.

And even better, enjoy the CBAY books that I’ve put on sale. Curious to see what all the controversy is about in David’s books? You can buy both of them as a set for only $20. And to be fair, you can also get both of the The Forgotten Worlds books in a set for only $20. That’s for the science fiction enthusiasts. Or perhaps you would rather have paperbacks? Well, you can get The Secrets of the Cheese Syndicate and our newest book, The Amulet of Amon-Ra, together for $10. There are bargains to be had for all.

So, check out the new store. I hear books make great gifts.

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