I am swamped. There’s no other way to say it. I am bogged down with a thousand things to do, and that doesn’t even include my personal life. (Oh that’s cute. I pretended to have a personal life.)

What all this means is that I have a ton to talk about, and no time to talk about it in. For instance, someone is trying to hack my author, David Michael Slater’s, website. Yup. Apparently the forum on the Oregonian article is not enough for someone. They would like to use David’s own website as a forum against him. Crazy. (I suppose the hackings could just be coincidence, but the timing is just a little too suspicious.)

Then, I’ve been trying to get the new BTP and CBAY sites up and going. I’ve got a whole new shopping cart for BTP that I am tres excited about. Only, I can’t get the shipping information to show. At the moment, it just tells me it doesn’t ship to whatever area I’ve chosen. Grumble. I’m communicating with the developer on that.

And finally, I have to edit David’s third book. The whole thing. Today. Ack! What am I still doing on the internet?

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